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Executive Committee:
Prof. Dr Miloš Nikolić

Milenko Stanojević
Radoš Zečević
Marina Jovanović
Lidija Kandolf Sekulovic
Petar Bojanić
Olga Vučićević

Supervising Committee:

Milos Nikolić
Verica Djuran
Danijela Dobrosavljević

Ethical Committee:
Djordjije Karadaglić
Mirjana Milinković
Mlica Subotić

Adress and Headquarter:
Institute ofDermatovenerology Clinical Center of Serbia
Pasterova 2, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone/Fax +381 11 2642 648
Phone/Fax +381 11 2682 652

The Serbian Physicians Association( SPA) , founded in the year 1872, has been devoted to its activities, during the 1920s and 1930s, to establish highly professional sections with the motive of improving working results as well as the cooperation among the specialists. The harvest of numerous dermatovenerologist expertise meetings, coordinated by Professor Đurica Đordevic, was the emergence of Dermatovenereology Section ( DVS ) of SPA, on October 21st in 1926. Before long, DVS of SPA undertook the initiative for forming the Yugoslav Association of Dermatology and Venereology ( YADV ) and thus joined the Panslavic Association of Dermatologists. This initiative was cordially supported by Dermatologists from Warsaw and Prague.

The first meeting of YADV was held in Belgrade on the 17th and 18th December in 1927, which is officially considered to be the birth date of the YADV. Dr Đurica Đorđevic, dr Milan Kićevac, dr Naumović, dr I. Marinković and dr R. Stanković are the founders of YADV. The first Serbian Dermatologist as well as a pioneer of Yugoslav Dermatovenereology, dr Jevrem Žujović, had the privilege to be the chairman at the first meeting of YADV. Many respected dermatologists and scientists from all over Yugoslavia attended the first meeting, therefore contributing to its significance. They took active parts in planning and organizing future activities of YADV, particulary in the domain of cooperating with other regional associations.

On February 14th 2007, the Yugoslav Association of Dermatovenereologists (YADV) has changed its official title to the Serbian Association of Dermatovenereologists ( SADV ), as proposed by assembly of YADV and with the resolution of the Ministry of Health.The first meeting of YADV, held in Belgrade on December 17th and 18th 1927, was later qualified as the first congress og YADV. The next crucial step of DVS of SPA and YADV was the leagure with the Panslavic Association of Dermatologists, established in 1928.The second congress of YADV, as well as the second congress of Panslavic Association of Dermatologists, took place in Belgrade, in 1929.The third congress was held in Zagreb, in 1931.

Fourth congress of YADV Zagreb,1950
Fifth congress of YADV Belgrade, 1954
Sixth congress of YADV Ljubljana, 1957
Seventh congress of YADV Sarajevo, 1961
Eighth congress of YADV Zagreb, 1965
Ninth congress of YADV Skoplje, 1969
Tenth congress of YADV Rijeka-Opatija, 1972
Eleventh congress of YADV Belgrade, 1975
Twelfth congress of YADV Portoroz, 1979
Thirteenth congress of YADV Sarajevo, 1983
Fourteenth congress of YADV Ohrid, 1987
Fifteenth congress of YADV Belgrade, 1996
Sixteenth congress of YADV Herceg Novi, 2000
Seventeenth congress of YADV Belgrade, 2005

The seventeenth congress of YADV held in Belgrade, in 2005, was also the First congress of Dermatovenereologists of Serbia and Montenegro.
The pioneers of dermatovenereology in Serbia ( former Yugoslavia and former Serbia & Montenegro ) were the following doctors: Jevrem Žujović, Đurica Đorđevic, Milan Kićevac, Milan Stefanović, Sava Bugarski, Nemanja
Barjaktarević and Sima Ilić with their associates.
Founder of the traditional School of Dermatology, whose history is interrelated with the history of YADV and SADV, is considered to be the Department of Dermatovenereology, established in 1923, with the headquarters being at the Institute for Dermatovenereology in Belgrade.

Since its establishment and up to date, during a period of over 80 years of existence, the department of dermatovenereology and its teachers offer regular medical pedagogy. Apart from the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate studies and the residency trainnings in offer, they organise the work at the clinic in a highly modern manner and commune with other clinics and dermatology associations across Europe. Significantly, they recoupe the expertise work in all of Serbia. Hence, they are the institutors of the scientific and experimental dermatology in Serbia. Eventhough in this far year of 1923, members of this department were only a few ( Prof. dr Đ. Đordević and the assistants dr M. Kićevac, dr M. Stefanović and dr S. Bugarski ) owing to their high expertise and scientific potential, unexhausted energy and initiative, in a very short time they accomplished to establish Dermatovenereology Section of SPA and YADV ( in 1927 ), to organise I and II Congress for Dermatovenereologists of Yugoslavia, to participate in the initiation of the Panslavic Association of Dermatovenereologists and to organise their congress in Belgrade. In this sense, they hold the leading elements and have a motivational role for the progress of dermatovenereology in Yugoslavija. Under the guidance of Prof. dr Sima Ilić, who in 1946 was appointed Director of Clinic and Head of Department, the Dermatovenereology Clinic grows to become one of the biggest leading dermatology establishments in the Balkans. Further progression of dermatovenereology and the significant contribution of the professional reputation in the country and overseas, is deserved by its successors with merit: Prof. dr Milorad Manok, Prof. dr Aleksandar Faninger, Prof. dr Dušan Jovović, Prof.dr Danilo Stevanović, Prof. dr Sava Konstantinović, Prof. dr Bosiljka Lalević Vasić, Prof.dr Olivera Cvijetić, Prof dr Ljiljana Medenica, Prof. dr Sonja Vesić and Prof. dr Miloš Nikolić. All professors of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology were presidents of DVS of SPA at certain times.

First official textbook of dermatovenereology for students in Serbia,“ Dermatovenereology and Propadeutics”, written by Prof. dr Bosiljka Lalević-Vasić, Prof. dr Ljiljana Medenica, Prof.dr Miloš Nikolić, was published in 1997( it had 5 editions ). Until then, an authorized script ‘’Dermatovenereology’’, by lecturer Prof.dr Sima Ilić, year of 1946, had been used in the students programe of education.

A professor of dermatovenereology at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, dr dorde Karadaglić, in the year 2000, had the entity of the head editor along with collaborators, dermatologists from Serbia and Montenegro, and published a two volume textbook ‘’Dermatovenereology’’. This textbook represents one of the main books for postgraduate studies and residents doing their specialist training in dermatovenereology in Serbian language.
The Serbian school of dermatology in former Yugoslavia was continuously renewed and up to dated, due to great efforts made by respectful dermatologists: Professors Ivan Dostanić, Đorđije Karadaglić, Mirjana Paravina, Ljiljana Medenica, Sonja Vesić, Mirjana Poljački, Milenko Stanojević, Miloš Nikolić, Marina Jovanović, Radoš Zečević, Miloš Pavlović. All of them, together with their younger collaborators, have been developing fruitful relationships and cooperations with international societies of dermatology and venereology, particularly with the French Association of Dermatology and Venereology, American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), and with European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV). Members of SADV participate in the activities of the American Academy of Dermatology and with the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology and as a result of such a successful collaboration Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Medenica is elected and accredited the highly valued and prestigeous function of member of Board of Directors for the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV).

At the School of Dermatology in Serbia and Montenegro, very important contributions in pediatric dermatology were made by Prim. Dr Kosava Pavlović, Prim. Dr Leposava Andrejević and Prof. dr Miloš Nikolić.
Prof. Dr. Bosiljka Lalević-Vasić is well known for the initiation and foundation of the annual professional meetings of dermatologists in Serbia, named Belgrade Dermatological Days (BDD), first held in 1994, mainly devoted to further education of young dermatologists and dermatology residents. Primarily, it has the educational character with the possibility of presenting expertise annunciation and case presentation.
Professional Meetings of the Dermatovenereology section of SPA are held 8 times a year and they play an important role in continuing education of dermatovenereologists in SCG.
Members of the YADV and SADV have actively participated in many European and World Congresses of Dermatology and Venereology since 1960s. Nationwide, there are over 400 dermatovenereologists ( of which 233 are active members of SADV), 7 dermatopathologist and many residents. Willing and motivated to keep up with current trends in diagnostics and treatment of dermatovenereological diseases, we follow the pattern of already established professional and friendly relationships with international societies of dermatovenereology and specialists from France, Great Britain, Greece, USA, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, FRY Macedonia, Turkey, Finland and others.

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